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Team Definedge is a mélange of talented market analysts, trade strategists and software professionals who are specialists in their own right and are hand-picked because of their deep domain expertise and experience in using technical analysis for trading. We are enthused with the idea of de -mystifying and simplifying trading with our innovative charting techniques and making charts and figures lucid and noise free! In fact Noiseless Charts is our thing; it’s our USP, although we do offer other services.

We are Definedge Solutions, a young company   offering integrated financial services and committed to taking the benefits of trading, wealth management and financial planning not only to our clients but to society at large.

Over the years, we have developed innovative yet simple tools to bring objectivity to trading and simplified pattern identifications for price analysis. Our platform and training on charting categories is unique and truly one of its kind! That’s not all; our strategies are customized using different types of charting methods and market trading techniques and designed to give our clients maximum benefit by improving productivity and investment performance.